The goal of this symposium was to share findings from Eno’s transit cost and delivery report, and foster discussion and exchange of best practices in project delivery among transportation professionals, policymakers, and researchers. Sessions focused on both on broader challenges and opportunities in project delivery, as well as specific themes related to governance, processes, and standards at the national, state, and local levels.

We are proud to share the recordings of all the sessions from the symposium.

Welcoming Keynote Address with FTA Administrator Nuria Fernandez & Met Council Chairman Charlie Zelle

Saving Time and Making Cents: A Blueprint for Building Transit Better—Overview of Eno’s Key Findings

Peer Research Presentations from Around the Country

Investigating The Accuracy of Cost Estimation and Ridership Forecasting

Overview of Risk Assessment for Rail Transit Projects

Citizen Participation and Infrastructure Construction Costs

Innovative Insights: A Discussion with Peer Researchers

Frameworks for Success: International Best Practices

Top Issues in Transit Project Delivery

Developing Public Sector Staff Capacity and Training

Issues and Best Practices in Environmental Permitting

Improving Community Engagement and Planning

From Recommendations to Action: Project Delivery at Work

Federal Policy Panel

Austin Project Connect Panel

Los Angeles Panel

Seattle Panel